Coming up with True Runes, and thier governing 'forces'

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Coming up with True Runes, and thier governing 'forces'

Postby bookwormbabe29 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:05 am

Hi all!

My friends and I are trying to work out the 27 True Runes, and what 'forces' they may govern (akin to how the Beast Rune is said to represent animalistic Rage and Passion). I've covered a bit of ground, and wanted to ask people's opinions on the rest.

This is am uch simplified format for easy reading. If people want more details, I'll provide them.

1. Beast Rune: Role: sway over animals. Forces: animalistic rage and passion
2. Blue Moon Rune: Role: sway over the moon Forces: Compassion and Destruction
3. Circle Rune: Role: sway over Law Forces: Order as well as Stagnation
4. Dragon Rune: Role: Allows dragons Forces: Pride and guilt?
5. Eightfold Rune: Role: "end of suffering" Forces: Tranquility and Agitation.
6. Gate Rune: Role: Travel Forces: arrival and departure? Joy and Sadness? Surprise and Boredom?
7. Night Rune: Role: Night Forces: truth and lies
8. Rune of Change: Role: Change Forces Joy and Sadness? Surprise and Boredom?
9. Sovereign Rune: Role: Kingship Forces: Obedience and Rebellion
10. Sun Rune: Role: Sun Forces: scorching heat and nurturing light
11. Soul Eater: Role: Life Forces: Life and Death
12. Rune of the beginning: Role: "beginning of the universe"
Bright Shield Forces: Peace and Defense? Courage and Torpor?
Black Sword Forces: warfare and battle? Bloodlust and Justice?

13. Rune of Punishment: Role: Mercy Forces: atonement and forgiveness,
14. True Earth: Role: Earth Forces: Growth and Decay
15. True Fire: Role: Fire Forces: True Love and Pure Hate
16. True Lightning: Role: Lightning Forces: Awe and Fear
17. True Water: Role Water: Forces: Mercy and Vengeance?
18. True Wind: Role: Wind Forces: Generosity and envy?
19. Unity Rune: Role: Unions Forces: friendship and betrayal
20. Demon Rune: Role: Allows demons Forces: Temptation and Temperance.
21. Humanity Rune: Role: Allows humans Forces: Hope and Despair.
22. Piety Rune: Role: Faith Forces: Faith and Ritual
23. Chronos Rune: Role: Time Forces: Impulse and Patience
24. Mind Rune: Role: The mind
Logic Rune: Forces: Education and Ignorance
Imagination Rune: Forces: Creativity and Madness

25. Rune of the End: Role: End of Things Forces: Satisfaction and Regret
26. Ninefold Rune: Role: Chaos Forces: Curiosity and Repetition
27. Domination Rune: Role: Domination Forces: Control and freedom

This is very much a work in progress, so any ideas, suggestions, comments, etc, are welcome. Tell us what you think, ok? ;)

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Re: Coming up with True Runes, and thier governing 'forces'

Postby Punkaiser » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:30 am

i think we had a similar topic here, maybe you'd like to discuss more with them

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