Suikoden Plot Pattern?

Detailed hypotheses for, and analysis of, the events transpiring during the Suikoden games
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Re: Suikoden Plot Pattern?

Postby eldrasidar » Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:42 pm

It is perfectly reasonable though to expect multiple true runes or at least unique runes in Suikoden 6 though. The hero in every game has one/a part of one. The Villain usually has one too. and at least one supporting playable character always has one/part of one as well. the Night Rune for example is in 3 games in the hands of Viktor/Edge. soul eater shows up with ted in 4. the dusk and star runes show up in 5 as first order derivatives of the sun and night runes.

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Re: Suikoden Plot Pattern?

Postby tovath » Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:14 pm

ninjaluc79 have you ever heard the saying "There are only two stories in the world, someone goes on a quest and a stranger comes to town." Anyone can say there is a pattern and you know what it doesn't matter.
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Re: Suikoden Plot Pattern?

Postby DoReMi_Vampire » Wed May 25, 2011 3:27 pm

I don't believe you're using the right logic here. Not trying to be rude, just trying to give some advice on how I personally think you can analyze the plot patterns better. It's hard to explain what I mean in words but my mind just doesn't want to let this thing go for some reason.
I basically think you're looking at a completly different pattern that isn't connected to the plot. Yes, in order for future games to capture that true feeling of Suikoden it should somehow resemble the plot of previous storys, however, it shouldn't be connected to what order the previous games were released in. That's not a pattern of the plot, it's a pattern of what numbers the games have.

E.g "If S2 and S4 had the same themes then S6 also needs these", or "If S1/S4 and S2/S5 are connected, this might mean there's gonna be a connection between S3/S6".

It doesn't make sense for the developers to keep such patterns in mind while making a new game. What you on the other hand actually can expect them to do is stay true to the continuity and major themes that seperate this series from other JRPGs out there.

And about the "best friend" characters, while we clearly do see a pattern about the protagonists' best friends either dying or betraying the hero this is connected, not only to the the plot, but also to the pattern of what relationships the character-archetypes (in this case the Stars of Destiny) have with each other.
SIII proved that not every game needs a Tenkai star as the protagonist, SIII thereby allowed it's three leads to have different kinds of friends that don't necessarily effect the plot in the same way that previous characters have done before them.
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Re: Suikoden Plot Pattern?

Postby Aerolithe Lion » Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:06 am

Nikisaur wrote:Yeah, Suikoden 3 IS kind of an exception...

Well, technically, Ted dies too. He is definately the best friend of the hero. And while Lyon is the Prince's bodyguard, they're probably best friends as well. So ya know. Kind constant.

Chris' PoV is filled with betrayal. The character she's arguably closest to during her journey turns out to be a Harmonian spy, she finds out her father turncoated to the enemy (all stories have two sides) and her superiors are eluded to working with Harmonia as well!

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