Kika's character progression

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Kika's character progression

Postby ragnarok » Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:03 pm

In Suikoden Tactics, I did Kika's goodwill dialogues with his crew members and i found them interesting. Here are some lines from her dialogues
She is worried that her crew members will oneday leave. Kika: Do you plan on going off on your own someday? (Dialogue no.5 with Hervey)
She asks Dario whether he missed her or not while she was gone. Kika:I'm sorry for being gone so long (dialogue no.5 with Dario)
She tells Sigurd about her worries. Kika: I'm sorry to always bother you with my personal problems. ( Dialogue no.5 with Sigurd)
She expresses her worry about Nalleo's well-being. Kika: I wish he'd at least realize that his son is worried about him...(Dialogue no.5 with Nalleo)

It's in line with Suikoden 4 theme of key character starting a new beginning. Snowe changed from a son of a noble who felt entitled to everything to a humble best friend/rival after got himself destroyed by jealousy 'while Kika's story was about moving on from a tragic event and learning to not take your new friends who cares about you for granted

At first she coped with edgar's death by wearing his necklace so that one part of him will always be with her and to keep memories alive. While Brandeau was still alive, she could live in the past because someone out there is from that past. After learning about Brandeau's death she lamented that he died without any family or friends (her dialogue in night before final assault). The only remaining part of her past is now dead, she did a self introspection on her choices. She realized that all she got are her four loyal subordinates. She either has to cherish them and move on from Edgar or suffer brandeau's lonely death.
i think this is great at least for video game standart or even anime and cartoon. usually when a character's lover is dead he/she will either has a heroic death to rejoin his/her lover or the lover was somehow still alive but changed.

Probably Junko Kawano the scenario writer was inspired by Suikoden 3's trinity system way of storytelling and wanted to focus on her own 3 characters and facing suikoden 4 budget constraint she opted to make Suikoden 4 strong in character development instead of complicated plot that will cost a lot of money
if Kika's goodwill dialogues had been in Suikoden 4 instead of showing up later in Suikoden Tactics, i would have given suikoden 4 a score 7.8 in story departement.

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