True rune transfer

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True rune transfer

Postby BelcootLymOTP » Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:06 pm

I know that if the user of the Rune of Punishment dies, the rune immediately transfers to the nearest living person, but I want to know if this immediate transfer is the case for all true runes. When the True Water Rune bearer dies, the rune is transferred to the person right next to them, and when the Sun Rune bearer dies, the run returns to the bust where it is usually sealed.
I'm asking this specifically about the True Wind Rune. After its bearer dies, would it transfer to the next person to come within range, would it return to its origin point or would it stay on the body until some other condition is met?
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Re: True rune transfer

Postby Raww Le Klueze » Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:29 pm

The only official information available says that a True Rune that loses it's bearer without being transferred to a new owner (ala Soul Eater or Water Rune) will go dormant and disappear to some unreachable place like the bottom of the sea or inside a mountain until it feels like reappearing.

However that was stated before the concepts of the Rune of Punishment and Sun Rune were thought up, though the Rune of the Beginning already disrupts this as it's stated to return to it's seperated state and go back to the shrine upon the owners death so it may simply be that this is case for most True Runes and those three are the exceptions to the rule.

Suikoden III also shows that it's possible to trap a True Rune somewhere either through a Sindar ritual or by using Harmonia's True Rune containers.
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Re: True rune transfer

Postby sticky-runes » Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:33 am

Windy and Barbarossa were true rune bearers and I don't think we found out what happened to the Front Gate Rune and Sovereign rune after they died. Some fans say they didn't die and are still wandering around or hiding somewhere with their runes still attached.

Personally I think that Leknaat took Windy's Rune after she died, while Barbarossa's rune was possibly sealed inside his tomb with him, either still attached to his remains or sealed inside a statue or something similar to the Sun Rune.

As for your question about the True Wind rune, I think "transferring to the next person" would be the least likely scenario. True Runes do seem to be a bit picky about their hosts, and after being owned by Luc I don't suppose it would just attach itself to anybody who walks nearby. If you're making a fanfcition or something, then I'd say coming up with a certain condition would be more interesting.

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Re: True rune transfer

Postby wataru14 » Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:48 pm

I think Windy and Barb being "missing" as opposed to dead is canon. But regardless, if Windy did die it makes sense that the Gate Rune would try to rejoin its pieces since being split is not its natural state. But this didn't happen. When Luc confronts Leknaat in his scenario in S3, he says she can't stop him with her "imperfect Gate Rune" or something like that.

As for the TWR, it's probably in no hurry to be bonded to someone else after being "intertwined with Luc's soul" for so long. I always read Luc's visions in S3 as the TWR showing him glimpses of a scary future as a means of getting Luc to embark on a quest that would end in his death and the Rune's freedom. There's no textual evidence for this in the games (and Sasarai's True Rune didn't do the same thing even though it was bonded to him in the same way as the TWR), but that's the impression I always got.

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Re: True rune transfer

Postby veriaqa » Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:46 pm

I think most true runes will disappear but some true runes are special. The royal Falenan's true rune is a good example. It is the most powerful true runes, without any meaningful drawback, come prepackaged with 2 powerful unique runes, it so loyal it won't leave you or your family, has a special relationship with another true rune, and many other advantages. Because it's conceived after the real writer of the series left the games, so it's very overpowered and don't follow the same rules applied to older true runes.
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