[Disc.] Reviews and Opinions of Suikogaiden and Card Stories

A forum for questions and discussions about the Gaiden titles, Cardstories for the Gameboy Advance and the physical card game.
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[Disc.] Reviews and Opinions of Suikogaiden and Card Stories

Postby Oppenheimer » Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:13 pm

Reviews and opinions on certain games are generally disallowed at Suikosource. However, your friendly moderators and admins have noticed that there is a great love and need to discuss opinions and give reviews of the various Suikoden games in the series so these threads have been created!

In this thread you may discuss Suikodengaidens and Card Stories and give your reviews and opinions on it. You may refer to the other Suikodens but please keep the primary focus of the conversations about your opinions of Suikodengaidens and Card Stories. You may talk about plot, setting, gameplay or anything else.

Please keep all reviews and opinions to the stickies in each gameplay forum. This change in policy does not mean that the remainder of Suikosource is allowing opinions or reviews.


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