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Falena : Dwarf Camp

The underground home of the Falenan dwarves, built into a mountain in southern Falena. Here, the dwarves stay relatively out of the way of human civilization, digging tunnels throughout Falena, going as far north as Agate Prison, and as far west as the Twilight Forest. However, their isolation and contentment end when the Godwins, as part of their 'Falena for Falenans' policy, send Nether's Gate assassins in to kill dwarves. With the help of the Prince, the dwarves rout the assassins and then pledge their aid to the Prince. They are rewarded when, after the Godwins are defeated, Queen Lymsleia gives them an equal voice in the New Parliament.

KoRnholio's comment:
At least we got some dwarven stars now, but I liked the Suikoden 1 Dwarf Village music much better. They should've just kept it.