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Harmonia : Soledt Academy of Military Science

A school for military strategists created by Soledt the legendary "blind strategist." Soledt was a Harmonian general who lost his sight due to treachery by a rival. Since then he had to live as a nobody, but one day he heard that the village he grew up in was suffering from the tyranny of his rival. He collected a handful of his servants and traveled to his home village, which was protected by the soldiers of his rival. He used his knowledge of terrain and climate to devise a series of strategies to defeat his rival's forces with a handful of his men and succeeded in defeating him. Since then, Soledt became known as a military strategist, and created an academy to teach military science.

The academy is known as the best institution to study military science, and many students come from abroad to hone their skill. Apple and Klaus Windamier are among the students who have graduated from this academy and later participated in wars as strategists.

Blue Moon's comment:
An odd tid-bit revealed in the Suikoden Short Stories Anthologies Vol.3.