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This is a list of unites: their names, characters involved, and properties. Damage is usually calculated by the total damage the characters would deal without criticals.
Unites indicated by (*) have a varrying base damage that increases when the you choose certain responses and initiate conversations with characters throughout the game.
2-person unites
NameCharacters involvedEffect
Sworn ProtectorPrince and Lion/Miakis1.2-1.5x damage to one enemy*
Royal PowerPrince and Sialeeds0.5-0.7x damage to all enemies*
Perfect LikenessPrince and Roy1.2-1.5x damage to one enemy*
Roy Unfriendly
Flash of SteelGeorg and Kyle1.2x damage to one enemy
Endless BlowsGoesch and Yahr1x damage to a cluster of enemies
Goesch Unbalanced
Dad and DaughterLogg and Lun1x damage to a row of enemies
Logg Unbalanced
Petty RivalsLun and Subala1.2x damage to one enemy
Brotherly LoveFaylen and Faylon1x damage to a cluster of enemies
Faylen and Faylon Unbalance
Case ClosedShigure and Sagiri 1.2x damage to one enemy
MaximillianIsabel and Mathias1.5x damage to one enemy
Mathias Unbalanced
Armes GreetingSharmista and Nifsara1.2x damage to one enemy
Oops!Viki and Genoh1x damage to a cluster of enemies
Genoh Unbalanced
Scarlet ChargeRoog and Lance 1.2x damage to a column of enemies
Lance Unbalanced
Azure ChargeRahal and Flail 0.9x damage to a row of enemies
Flail Unbalanced
Violet ChargeNick and Ax0.8x damage to all enemies
Ax Unbalanced
Beast TamerNorma and Ernst
Ernst must be in beast form
1.2x damage to a column of enemies
Ernst Unbalanced
Arrow StormIsato and Urda0.7x damage to all enemies
Shoot and SmashLu and Sorensen 1.2x damage to one enemy
LockdownCius and Lelei1.2x damage to one enemy
Pride of MagicZerase and Levi100 basic magic damage to all enemies
Can be strengthened with increased MAG and Alert status
Speak With FistsNikea and Shoon
(both must be Berserked)
1.2x damage to one enemy
Sacred GreenhornNikea and Gavaya1.2x damage to one enemy
Sword MasterDinn and Belcoot1x damage to a column of enemies
Sword SageRichard and Hazuki1x damage to a column of enemies
3-person unites
NameCharacters involvedEffect
Fancy LadRahal, Dinn, and Mathias1.4x damage to one enemy
Pretty BoyRoy, Richard, and Nick0.5x damage to all enemies
Looks Can KillAx, Bergen, and Moroon 0.5x damage to all enemies
Chance of Berserking targets
Pretty GirlViki, Norma, and Faylen0.5x damage to all enemies
Kiss GoodbyeSialeeds, Jeane, and Nelis0.5x damage to all enemies
Chance of causing Sleep on targets
Kiss GoodnightSharmista, Jeane, and Nelis0.5x damage to all enemies
Chance of causing Sleep on targets
Secret CrushFlail, Byakuren, and Miroon 0.5x damage to all enemies
Chance of Silencing targets
FamilyLogg, Lun, and Kisara0.6x damage to all enemies
Logg Unbalanced
Island StormBernadette, Yahr, and Nelis1.3x damage to one enemy
StampedeAx, Flail, and Lance0.7x damage to all enemies
Ax, Flail, and Lance Unbalanced
Friends ForeverMiakis, Roog, and Rahal1.3x damage to one enemy
Shining ScalpIsato, Wabon, and Alhazred0.5x damage to all enemies
Chance of causing Darkness on targets
Sindar SurgeZweig, Lorelai, and Killey0.6x damage to all enemies
Lorelai and Killey Unfriendly
Crowd FavoritesShoon, Zegai, and Belcoot1.3x damage to one enemy
Tunnelin' ThruWabon, Gunde, and Bergen1.3x damage to one enemy
ConceitIsabel, Cathari, and Zerase1.3x damage to one enemy
Fugitive HuntRaven, Shigure, and Sagiri1x damage to one enemy
Chance to deal 1.5x damage
Dragon CavalryNick, Rahal, and Roog0.6x damage to all enemies
Nick, Rahal, and Roog Unbalanced
Teen RebellionShoon, Faylen, and Lu1.3x damage to one enemy
4-person unites
NameCharacters involvedEffect
Maze of SteelGeorg, Kyle, Miakis, and Galleon0.4x damage to all enemies
FateGeorg, Killey, Lorelai, and VikiNo effect; just for kicks
5-person unites
NameCharacters involvedEffect
Beaver RushMaroon, Muroon, Miroon, Meroon, and Moroon1.2x damage to one
Chance of Instant Death
DoReMiReMiFa, MiFaSo, FaSoLa, SoLaTi, and LaTiDo0.5x damage to all enemies
6-person unites
NameCharacters involvedEffect
Falena's FinestPrince, Lyon, Georg, Kyle, Miakis, and Galleon0.2x-0.4x damage to all enemies*