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A guide to all of the scenes in the bath.

A guide to all of the scenes in the bath.


Big Brothers, Big Problems
Faylon: Hey, guys, I neet to ask you something.
Maroon: Oh? Wh-What is it?
Muroon: Is everything all right? You sound serious...
Faylon: What's it take to be a good brother?
Maroon: Huh...?
Faylon: Well, Faylen's always sayin' I'm a bad one. Like I don't act like a real big brother's supposed to.
But, hey, Maroon, you're the oldest of, what, five? And Muroon, to of 'em are younger than you, right?
So maybe you guys can tell me about what a big brother's supposed to do.
Maroon: Hmm... That's a tough one.
Muroon: I don't know if our advice would really help -- beavers are different than humans.
Faylon: How so?
Maroon: Well, we beavers grow up a lot faster. We're out on our own, as adults, long before humans are.
And since each sibling's so independent, we don't care so much about who's older than who.
Muroon: Now, of course, we all spend time together, help each other out, that sort of thing...
Faylon: Hmm...
Muroon: You know who could help you out with this? The Prince.
Maroon: That's a good idea. Even from a beaver's point of view, he seems like a great big brother.
Faylon: Well, yeah...but...
Nah, he's too perfect. I can't be like him.
Maroon: Then why don't you ask Luserina about her brother? Then, whatever he does, just do the exact opposite.
Faylon: YES! Great idea!
Maroon: Huh?!
Faylon: Thanks, Maroon! I'll go ask her right now!
Maroon: Hey, wait!
Muroon: Heh. Off he goes.
Maroon: I was only kidding...

Blades and Bullets
Hazuki: Cathari, I have a special favor to ask.
Cathari: Let me guess. You want to spar with me, right?
Hazuki: Very astute. Well, to the point, then...
You carry the first "gun" I've ever seen.
And -- this is embarassing -- if I came across someone like you in a fight, I wouldn't know what to do.
So...pardon me for asking, but... I have to know: Can you fight a gun with a sword? And if so, how?
Urda: Hey!
I came here to get away from talk like that! Can you not discuss violence in the bath?
Hazuki: Oh, uh... apologies. That was inconsiderate of me.
Urda: Hmph. You humans. Why are you all so barbarous?
If you're not out killing someone, you're talking about killing someone. You make those horrible guns...
Hazuki: ......
Cathari: You think guns are scary? Elven arrows are worse by a long shot, if you ask me.
Urda: How can you say that?
Cathari: There's only a handful of guns in the world, let alone on the battlefield, so they haven't killed many people.
Now, how many people do you think have died from arrow fire? Hundreds? Thousands? Is that not horrible?
Urda: You're just splitting hairs!
Cathari: Then tell me. What about guns makes them "horrible" to you?
Urda: Wh-What about them?
They make inexplicable sounds and belch fire and shoot iron bullets! What could be worse?
Cathari: Technically, it's lead, not iron.
But, basically, she's right.
Hazuki: Wait -- pardon?
Cathari: Simply put, guns are "inexplicable." They're an unknown. People fear that, especially in a weapon.
Hazuki: You're saying guns are merely a... bluff tactic?
Cathari: Pretty much, so far.
Guns are still under development. They don't fire as quickly as arrows, or as accurately...
Once you know that, they're not all that difficult to deal with.
Hazuki: I - I see. I understand!
Thank you for the insight.
Cathari: Don't mention it.
But here's the thing...
You don't carry a gun without learning everything about it.
So if the bluff tactic doesn't work, we have backup plans. All kinds.
Hazuki: Wh...?
So, wait! Does that make everything you said completely useless?
Cathari, wait!!
Urda: ......
Barbarous. Every last one of them.

Careful What You Wish For
Sialeeds: Ahh... There's not another bath like this in all the world. Well, maybe the one in Lunas...
But I'm sure some would object to calling that a mere "bath."
Lyon: Hmm...Lady Sialeeds?
Sialeeds: Yes?
Lyon: That purification rite they have in Lunas... What's it like?
Sialeeds: Oh, would you like to know?
Lyon: Well...I didn't get to see it, so...
Sialeeds: Hmm... Well, let's see...
Ah, of course! I'll show you. Come here.
Lyon: What...? O-Okay...
L-Lady Sialeeds, what are you...?
Sialeeds: Now, now, be still. Don't move!
Lyon: B-But...
Whoa! H-Hey, I get it now! You don't have to...
Sialeeds: C'mon, don't be such a baby. You should try everything at least once, as they say.
Lyon: Aghhh... N-No, stop!
Sialeeds: And the rite begins!
Lyon: Eeeeeeek!!
Sialeeds: Well, how do you feel?
Lyon: C-C-C-Cold...
Sialeeds: Well, of course it's cold! The purification rite means purifying the body with cold water, after all!
Lyon: Brrrrr... I said "stop"... Y-You're awful...
Sialeeds: Ha ha ha ha! Well, you said you wanted to know...and what better way to learn?
C'mon, get in the hot water, quick. You don't want to catch cold, do you?
Lyon: *grumbling* I'm no the only cold one here...

Crisis of Epic Proportions
Miakis: Hey, Lyon, how long has it been since the last time we both took a bath together?
Lyon: Way too long.
Miakis: Let's take a look at that wound. Come onnn, don't be shy...
Lyon: Well, if you insist...
[Prince]: Hi, ladies!
Miakis: Oh, Prince! How's it going? You want to join us?
Lyon: Huh?
Miakis: Now, of course, this is the women's bath. Teeeeeeechnically, you're not supposed to be here...
But, then again, I'm sure they'll make an exception for royalty... Don't you think, Lyon?
Lyon: Miakis, that's Roy.
Miakis: What?!
[Prince]: Wh-What the hell are you talking about, Lyon?! I'm not --
Miakis: "The hell" ?
Roy: Um, I mean, "What nonsense you speak...of..." Ugh...
Lyon: Roy, you said you weren't going to do this anymore. You broke your promise didn't you?
Roy: N-No, wait! I, uh, I was worried about your wound, and I, um...
Miakis: He answered to "Roy," Lyon. Hmm, heh heh heh...
Roy: Umm...
Miakis: Well, like I said, men aren't allowed in here. But, if you, saaay, weren't a man anymore...
Roy: Whoa, whoa, where're you goin' with this?! Oh, you wouldn't...!
Miakis: Oh, relax. It'll be over before you know it. I cut things all the time. This'll be easy!
Roy: N.... Nooooo! I'm sorry! Please forgive me!
Miakis: Sorry's not gonna cut it! Ha! You think you can escape a Queen's Knight? Coward! Get back here!
Roy: Yaaaaahhhh!
Lyon: *sigh* She's not gonna live this down for a while. Heh, she was so red...

Cute and Cuddly
Lu: Whooooooa! Jeane, you're all "VA-VA-VOOM"! Soooooo beautiful!
Marina: Yeah, you're so grown up. You're... Wow.
Jeane: Oh, thank you. You're very cute, both of you.
Lu: Whaaaat?! You get to be all "VA-VA-VOOM," but we're just "cute"?! SO not kewl!
Marina: Yeah, how come you're "beautiful" and we're "cute"?
Jeane: Hey, it's a compliment! No one's ever called me "cute," and I wish they would.
Lu: Oh, come ON! Even growing up, all the hot-hot-hot boys had to be all, "Squeee! You're SOOOOO cute, Jeane!"
Marina: Yeah! You're so beautiful now, you must've been the cutest kid around!
Jeane: No, it's true. I've really never been called "cute."
Marina: Never...?
Lu: Hrm... A-HAAAA! There's only ONE answer!
The ugly stick must have gone all "WHACK-WHACK-WHACK" up and down your face back then!
Marina: L-Lu!!
Lu: C'mon, Jeane! The ugly stick had its way with you! Admiiiiiiiiiit it!
Jeane: Hmm, who knows? Tee hee...
Lu: Well, if the ugly stick had its way with you and YOU ended up all "VA-VA-VOOM," then I'M gonna be "VA-VA-VA-VA-VA-VOOM"!
So what's your secret?! How'd you beat the ugly stick?! Tell-me-tell-me tell-me!
Jeane: Tee hee...
Lu: Ooooh! You must have gone all "zap-zap-zap" to the ugly with your magic! Gimme the spell! Gimme-gimme-gimme!
Jeane: Tee hee hee hee...
Marina: Oh, Lu...

Dirty Waters
Nakula: Damned Nether Gate... I swear I'm gonna hunt down every last one of them!
Raven: That damned Oboro! One of these days! I'm gonna make you pay!
Egbert: Damned Godwins! My family's been storing up its rage for a hundred years! Worthless, filthy devils!
Nakula: Damn you... Damn you all to hell!
Raven: Just you wait, Oboro! Heh heh heh... Wa ha ha ha ha!!
Egbert: You don't deserve sunlight, or air! You deserve to be buried in garbage!
You deserve to DIE choking on rotten feces at the bottom of the world's filthiest, darkest cesspit!!
[ Scene shifts to outside the bath ]
Wasil: Wh-What's going on in there...? You know, I'd go in there, but I think I'd just come out dirtier.
Miroon: Maybe you should wait awhile...

Foreign Exchange
Sharmista: So, Isabel, you're from the Scarlet Moon Empire. Nelis, you're from the Island Nations...
Isabel: That's right.
Nelis: And Sharmista, you're from Armes. So that means everybody here is non-Falenan!
Sharmista: Hey, I guess you're right!
Isabel: You never know about a place until you see it with your own eyes. I used to think Falena was a hellhole.
We'd hear stories about slave trading, about how the Queen was a tyrant and used an assassin group...
When we heard about the Prince rising up against his own little sister, I came running to smite him down...
Never thought I'd wind up on his side. Me, fighting for a "traitor."
Nelis: The Island Nations and Falena go back a ways, so we've always pretty much known what they're up to.
But all we ever heard about Armes were horror stories. Pirates, bandits, all across the country, just pillaging and burning everything.
No offense, Sharmista.
Sharmista: None taken! That's the way it goes with foreign countries and rumors. Makes sense, I guess.
No one wants their people to think someone else is better off than they are...
So they go out and plant rumors that put other countries down, just so they look better by comparison.
Isabel: And of course, people buy into the lies and spread them further, not knowing they're being fooled.
Myself included. I suppose, before I came here.
Nelis: Well, but coming here cleared all that up, right? Maybe if our countries interacted more, our people wouldn't be so suspicious and hostile.
Sharmista: That's a nice dream. Of course, these days, most people live out their whole lives all in one place.
For now, all we can do is make the best of the good fortune that brought us together like this.
Nelis: True.
Isabel: Definitely.

Humans Are Scum
Moroon: Phew... Nothing like a bath with no humans around.
Ax: Grink?
Moroon: Because they're scum, that's why! Just lookin' at 'em makes me sick!
Ax: Grunk! Grunk grunk! Gruuunk!
Moroon: Whaddays mean, "They're not all bad" ? Hmph! What do you know, anyway? You're just tools to them, all of ya!
Listen, you. That Nick kid, or whatever his name is -- he's using you just like the rest of 'em!
Ax: Griiiiink!
Moroon: *sputter* Why, you! You're asking for it!
Ax: Grunk gruuunk...
Moroon: Fine! Let's go, then! C'mon!
Ax: Griiiiink!
Moroon: Any friend of humans is an enemy of mine!
Ax: Gronk grink!
Moroon: Raaaaghhh!
Ax: Griiiiiiink!
Ernst: ...... (I probbaly shouldn't mention I'm human...)

Hunters and Spies
Viki: It wasn't me!
Lorelai: Look, quit being so stubborn and just admit it! I know it was you!
The Deep Twilight Forest, down in the ruins -- YOU'RE the one I saw there!
Viki: It wasn't me! How many times do I have to say it?!
Lorelai: Oh, I see... It was some OTHER airhead with teleportation powers and your clothes!
Viki: I said it wasn't me!
Lorelai: You little...
???: Now, hold on, Lorelai. We can't just assume that she's lying.
Viki: Eeeek!
Lorelai: Wh-- Z-Zweig?!
Zweig: What's the matter? Don't mind me. Please, continue.
Viki: Wh-What is HE doing here?
Lorelai: What ARE you doing here?
Zweig: Really, carry on. Just pretend I'm not here.
Lorelai: But you ARE here, in the women's bath!
Viki: Y-Yeah!
Zweig: *sigh* So ridiculous. Lorelai, listen to reason.
Say you're passing by in front of the men's bath...and you happen to overhear me talking about...oh, something to do with the Sindar.
What would you do? Honestly.
Lorelai: Honestly? Sneak in and listen.
Viki: You'd what?!
Zweig: So now we're on the same page.
Lorelai: Heh. Guess you're right.
Viki: He's right? What are you talking about?
Lorelai: Sorry for making such a fuss.
Zweig: Oh, that's all right. I'm glad we completely understand each other.
Viki: Wha...? You guys are weird!
Zweig: You're hardly one to talk.
Lorelai: That's for sure.
Viki: Eeeeeek! I can't take this anymore!
Zweig: ...And there she goes.
Lorelai: Great. You scared her off.

It's Tough to Be a Dad
Logg: Hey, Chef...
Retso: Are you okay? You don't look so good.
Logg: Yeah, well... I just had a big ol' tussle with Lun.
Retso: Uh-oh...
Logg: *sigh* Know what? You make me real jealous sometimes. Shun Min's such a good girl. Cute, behaves herself...
My kid never listens. "Idiot Pop." that's all she ever calls me.
Retso: She's very spirited. And quite lovely.
Ever since Shun Min lost her mother, she stopped being selfish... *sigh* She stopped being a kid.
When I think of her trying to act all grown up just to spare me any trouble, I feel like an idiot father myself.
Logg: Hmm...
Hey, Chef, what're ya doin' after work tonight?
Maybe a couple o' "idiot fathers" could sit down with a beer or two. Retso: Sure. I'd love that.
I'll be waiting for you with some fine food and drink.
Logg: Good man.

Men From Foreign Lands
Taylor: *ahem* I want to thank you all, kind foreigners, for gathering here today...
Yahr: We didn't "gather here." It's just a coincidence.
Taylor: Well, regardless... I'd like to take advantage of this rare opportunity by doing interviews for a special "Dawn Times" exclusive.
So here's Question Number 1: What's the most significant difference between your country and Falena?
Georg: I'd say the similarities are more significant than the differences.
You might already know this, but I was involved in the Scarlet Moon Empire's Succession War.
I realized that no matter where people are from, they all fight for the same sort of reasons.
Yahr: I feel the same way. Be it a Rune Cannon or the Sun Rune, great power always tempts people -- the Island Nations and Falena alike.
Taylor: Oh... Hmm. I see. How about you, Richard? You're with the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade, so you're from Zelant, right?
Richard: Huh? Zelant? Um.. I forget!
Taylor: Well, you must remember something, right?
Richard: Nope! Not a thing.
Taylor: Um... nothing at all?
Richard: Well, I just really don't care about anything except Mueller.
Taylor: I, uh, I see...
Richard: Wherever I am, whatever country I'm in, nothing else matters as long as I'm with Mueller!
Taylor: Uh-oh. Uh, Richard?
Richard: Mueller is everything to me! All I have belongs to him! He's the only--
Richard: ..... Unhhh...
Taylor: Oh, boy...
Mueller: You idiot! Babbling about stupid nonsense wherever you go! Sorry about that.
Whatever nonsense this moron just said, forget all about it.
Richard: ......
Georg: ......
Yahr: ......
Taylor: ...Well! That concludes our interviews for today. Gentlemen, thanks for your time.

Naughty or Nice
Gavaya: Hey, Kyle! I have a bone to pick with you!
Kyle: Huh? What is it?
Gavaya: How come when you flirt with the ladies, they all go... "Ooh, Kyle, are you being silly again? You're so naughty!"
And then you don't even get in trouble! But when I try to talk to them, they run away! I don't get it!
Kyle: Eh, it's probably 'cause you look like...
Gavaya: Like WHAT?
Kyle: *ahem* Like... Well, here, listen.
See, when you talk to girls, you're all serious, 'cause you're thinking about marriage, right?
Maybe they don't like that kind of pressure. My theory, anyway.
Gavaya: Don't be ridiculous! What's wrong with being serious?!
I'm pouring my heart and soul into trying to find a life partner! That's no laughing matter!
Kyle: Well, yeah, but I'm not so sure trying to pick up every girl in sight is the right way to do that....
Gavaya: Hmph! Well, I just don't get you. You or that other guy, Wilhelm, or whatever his name is!
Especially him! I think he actually enjoys giving the ladies a hard time!
Neither one of you guys knows how to treat a girl right!
Why can't you be more sincere and earnest?! Like me!
Kyle: Yeah, how's that working out for you again?

Other People's Rules
Cius: So! Haleth!
Haleth: Huh?
Cius: I hear you're betting on dragon-horse training. Very unwise of you! How long are you going to keep that up?
Haleth: Hey, if you don't like it, you don't have to join in. What do you care? I'm not hurting anyone.
Cius: That's not the point! You're in direct violation of military rules!
Haleth: Rules? Ridiculous.
Cius: Wh-What did you say?!
Haleth: Hey, now, hear me out... People agree to follow rules so they can live together without too much trouble. Right?
Cius: In a manner of speaking, I suppose, but--
Haleth: Then if there's no trouble, what's the problem?
Yelling at me for breaking some other guy's "rules," when nobody's getting hurt-- What's the point?
Cius: B...But-- but now hear this!
If we all pick and choose which rules to follow, sooner or later, there won't be any rules left at all.
Haleth: Oh, don't be so hardheaded. I mean, hey, aren't you the one who helped that tactician lady escape from the prison YOU were guarding?
Do the "rules" allow that?
Cius: Th-That was... I... I had no choice! I believed helping Lucretia was the right thing to do, for the sake of Falena.
Haleth: There you go! Rules are something you can break at your own discretion! Right?
Cius: Hmmm... No, but... Hmmm...
Haleth: Think it over, Cius.
Cius: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Strong and Silent
Zegai: ......
Killey: ......
Gunde: ......
Zegai: ......
Killey: .......
Gunde: ......
Zegai: ...... Shall we?
Gunde: ...... Yeah.
Zegai: Not done?
Killey: Nope.
Gunde: Okay.
Killey: ...... It's hot.
Sworn to Her Side
Dinn: Isato, Mathias, I've been meaning to talk with you two.
Isato: What about...?
Dinn: Well -- not to make you feel uncomfortable -- I've always felt a kind of bond with both of you...
We're kindred spirits in that we find such great satisfaction in serving a woman we admire.
Mathias: Hmm... So you say, but there's a difference between your servitude and mine.
Dinn: What do you mean?
Mathias: Well, you see your chosen master was a woman.
Dinn: ...And?
Isato: Mathias has a point. To me, the Oracle is simply the one to whom I pledge my loyalty.
Gender simply doesn't factor in.
Mathias: And I feel the same. If Lady Isabel were a man, I would still serve her just as I do now.
Dinn: Oh...
Isato: Now, don't misunderstand. It's not a question of which way is superior.
And I would certainly never question your loyalty. It's just as pure as any of ours, I'm sure.
It's simply that... when it comes to loyalty, you and I view the idea from different angles.
Dinn: B-But... Haswar and Isabel are both very beautiful women.
Is it not disrespectful to be so close to them and ignore that fact?
Mathias: Ah, you see, that's where we differ.
Anyone can recognize and praise Lady Isabel's beauty as a woman. That's not my role, nor my desire.
I offer not praise, but the whole of my body and spirit. I shall live, and I shall die, as milady commands me.
Isato: And the same is true for me.
Dinn: B-But that's more like a slave than a servant!
Mathias: To be called a slave to one like her... There is no greater honor.
Isato: Nor higher praise.
Dinn: ......
Mathias: Now if you'll excuse me... Lady Isabel's nap should be ending in a moment.
Isato: And I should return to the Oracle.
Dinn: ......

The Apprentices' Rebellion
Bergen: Hey, guys, have you got a minute? Gotta get this off my chest.
Sorensen: Yeah?
Dongo: What is it?
Bergen: Well, I became Levi's apprentice because I wanted to see all this great magic and whatnot.
But once we came here, I found out there are lots of other people who can show me magic for free!
Dongo: Yeah...
Sorensen: I guess that's true.
Bergen: And then I started wondering why Levi had me digging for orbs all the time, instead of teaching me anything...
Dongo: Yeah, I know what you mean. My master made me forge all this stupid stuff for his rails -- oh, but it wasn't slavery, it was "training."
And yeah, I learned a few things, but still, Master just kept sticking me with all the grunt work.
Bergen: Hmm, yeah. Guess you've had a hard time too, huh?
What about you, Gadget Boy? I'm sure you have your share of beefs you wanna talk about. Go ahead and tell us!
Sorensen: What? I-I don't have any...
Dongo: Aw, c'mon! We know your master treats you like a beast of burden.
Bergen: You don't have to hold back, you know. We're all apprentices here! You can tell us anything.
Sorensen: N-No, really. I really don't have anything to say!
Professor Babbage is a really great inventor!
I'm lucky to be his apprentice.
Dongo: ......
Bergen: ......
That's sad, man.
Dongo: Yeah, really sad.
Sorensen: Huh? What is?
Bergen: *sigh* So sad...
Dongo: So very, very sad...
Sorensen: What are you talking about?
Dongo: He's being overworked and he's not even mad about it. He's a brainwashed slave, right to his empty, hollow core.
Bergen: And the saddest part of all? He doesn't even realize it.
Sorensen: ...... I, uh... ......

The Favor
Takamu: Shoon, can I ask you a favor?
Shoon: Um, yes?
Takamu: I want to make a map of Stormfist's underground passage. Do you think you could show me around the place?
Shoon: Oh, sure. Of course. But maybe Egbert would know it better than me. He used to live down there and all.
Takamu: ...Shoon, can I ask you a favor?
Shoon: Huh? Uh, yeah...
Takamu: I want to make a map of Stormfist's underground passage. Do you think you could show me around the place?
Shoon: Well, I...I said yes, but you really should ask Egbert--
Takamu: Shoon, can I ask you a favor?
Shoon: WHAT?!
Takamu: I wany to make a map of Stormfist's underground passage. Do you think you could show me around the place?
Shoon: Um...hello?!
Takamu: Not fun hearing the same thing over and over again, is it?
Shoon: Um, n-not really, but...?
Takamu: I ASKED Egbert. And by the time I finished surveying up to the first corner, I heard more than a hundred...
"Filthy devils!" "Filthy devils!" "Filthy devils!"
Shoon: Point taken...

The Luck of Little Sisters
Faylen: Hey, I have a question for you, Yum--
Josephine: Say that name ONE more time, and I swear they'll find you in here floating face-down!
Meroon: Nuoooh! Nuoooh! Nu-nuoooh!
Faylen: ...Josephine?
Josephine: Yeeees?
Faylen: *ahem* You brother's a great guy, isn't he? He's so handsome, and popular... Better than mine, let me tell you.
Josephine: You think so? Would you care to trade?
Faylen: You kidding? Faylon's just a big, heavy slug. You wouldn't even know he was there if he wasn't always being so dumb.
Josephine: Yes, well, at least you're not stuck in his shadow.
Just imagine if he were always SO perfect at everything in the world, and you were only his cute little sister!
Meroon: Nuoooh! Nuoooh! Nu-nuoooh!
Faylen: Heh. Good point.
Josephine: You see? You can always ignore YOUR brother. Mine... Bah. I must say, though, I'd rather have mine than Luserina's...
Meroon: Nuoooh! Nuoooh! Nu-nuoooh!
Faylen: Oh, the frilly guy? Yeah, I don't know how I'd put up with all his prancing and whining! I don't know how she does it!
I'd go crazy if I had to put up with HIM every day.
Josephine: She must be the unluckiest little sister in Falena.
Faylen: Hmm... So who's the luckiest, do you think?
Josephine: Oh, come now! You have to ask?
Faylen: Heh. Guess not.
Josephine: Yes, Lymsleia certainly has a brother to envy! Well, except for his stunning lack of fashion sense.
Faylen: Oh, definitely! Well, I don't really care how the Prince dresses, but still...
Meroon: Nuoooh! Nuoooh! Nu-nuoooh!
Faylen: Come to think of it, that furry thing's a little sister too, isn't she?
Josephine: And a happy one, apparently.
Meroon: Nuoooh?

The Secret Society
Nifsara: Greetings, Comrade Norma! We've been expecting you!
Norma: C-Comrade...?
Nifsara: Comrade Linfa! Bring the initiate forward!
Linfa: Yes, ma'am! Please, Comrade Norma, this way.
Norma: Wait... Huh?
Nifsara: The Secret Alliance for the Protection of Pretty Hunks In Real Endangerment will come to order!
Linfa: Yay! Whoo! *clapping*
Norma: The secret what?
Linfa: Just call it SAPPHIRE.
Norma: O-Okay... Well, I can see Nifsara putting together something like this...but you, too, Linfa?
Linfa: Sure! Why not? I love cute boys, too, you know. I came here in the first place because of the Prince, after all!
Norma: Oh, I didn't know that...
Nifsara: Now then, Comrade Norma. We have brought you into the fold for one reason alone!
Our sources tell us that your leopard companion suffers from a curse... and that his true form is actually that of a really pretty boy.
Is this so, Comrade?
Norma: Hmm... "Pretty?" Gee, I don't know. We've been friends for so long, I've never really thought about it.
Now that you mention it, though, all the older girls in the village were crazy about him!
Nifsara: Did you hear that, Comrade Linfa?!
Linfa: I did, Comrade Nifsara! This is excellent news!
Nifsara: Now, to the heart of it. Comrade Norma, can this curse be broken?
Norma: Well... Levi is looking into that for us, but so far, nothing.
Nifsara: Hmm...I see. Very well, then! Our duty is clear! Let's go, Comrade Linfa!
Linfa: Yes, Comrade Nifsara!
Norma: Huh? Wh-Where are you going?
Nifsara: Where else?! We're off to find your sorcerer.
Linfa: And pound it into his head that he's gotta break that curse immediately!
Norma: Hmm, I see...
Nifsara: To observe! To protect! To observe some more!
Linfa: To observe! To protect! To observe some more!
Norma: Should I tell 'em Ernst turns back into a human on full-moon nights? ... Nah.

The Sound of Shyness
Roog: *sigh* This is really relaxing.
Nick: What the... Yaaaagh!
Roog: Nick, what is it? What's going on?
Nick: Roog! Th-There's a...w-w-woman!
Roog: A woman?
Woman?: ......
Roog: Oh, Rahal. It's you. How com you're still dressed like that? We're in a bath!
Nick: Th-That's not Rahal!
Woman?: Oh, what pleasant sounds this place has!
Roog: Huh...?! Rania?!
Rania: That's right.
Nick: Aaaaaaghhh!
Roog: R-Rania! You can't be in here! This is the MEN'S bath!
Rania: But it sounds better over on this side.
Roog: Th-That... That's not the issue!
Nick: Unh... I feel dizzy... I can't --
Roog: Nick?! Hey, Nick! Come on! Are you okay?!
Nick: Uuuuunhhh...
Rania: Oh, boy...

The Tower of Pride and Glass
Bastan: Ah...
Cornelio: Hey, you! Mediocrity!
Bastan: Waaah! A talking DoReMi Elf?!
Cornelio: What do you mean, "DoReMi Elf"?!
Bastan: Oh, Cornelio... It's you...
Cornelio: Not just a mediocrity, but a rude one at that!
Bastan: I beg your pardon... Did you...need something?
Cornelio: Hmph. Fine.
To the chase, then. is it true you called the Haud Village arts community "phonies"?
Bastan: What?! Oh, was...
Cornelio: Oh, calm down. You're embarassing yourself! I know you said it.
And we both know they're the most stupid, pathetic, low-class mediocrities ever. Worse than Creepers.
Bastan: Uh, right. Of course.
Cornelio: The question, my dear Bastan, is whether your list of "phonies" happens to include me.
Well, does it?! Answer me!!
Bastan: N-N-No! Of course not!
I've always thought you were beyond the comprehension of a man like me!
Cornelio: Hmm... I see.
Well, mediocre you may be, but an art appraiser is an art appraiser. You seem to have a discerning eye.
Good! Keep up the adequate work!
Bastan: I never was much of a music lover...

The Truth About Rumors
Shinro: Hey, Belcoot, you used to live in Kanakan, right?
Belcoot: Yes, that's right.
Shinro: I was thinkin'... Maybe when this war is over, I'll start importin' some Kanakanian drinks.
D'you know any good brands that Falenans might go for?
Belcoot: Brands, huh?
Shinro: Yeah! You were born in Falena, so you oughtta know who drinks what, right?
Belcoot: Well... Honestly, I'm not much of a drinker at all. Brands? I couldn't tell you.
Shinro: What?! You're kiddin' me! I heard people in Kanakan drink booze like it's water!
And that they're all bottomless pits! You mean it's not true?
Belcoot: It's just a rumor. People drink water there, same as here, and some drink even less than me.
Shinro: Huh! Well, whaddaya know...?
Belcoot: It's just like these rumors about how "everyone from the Island Nations can swim" or "all Zelantians wear armor."
Shinro: What?! You mean those aren't true, either?!
Belcoot: You believed them...?
You know, in Kanakan, they say that all Falenans are borne by the Queen.
Shinro: Whaaaat? Stupid Kanakanians, sayin' nasty, stupid stuff like that!
"Borne by the Queen"? What're we, ants? Bees? Damn!
Belcoot: Yes, I'd say when it comes to rumors, all countries are equally as gullible.

The Tyranny of Masters
Wabon: Hey, Gear Guy! I've always wanted to have a word with you -- you know, craftsman-to-craftsman!
Babbage: And by "Gear Guy," I assume you mean me, even though I really don't like that name, but whatever, what's on your mind?
Wabon: Your apprentice. You're way too hard on that guy. I hear you make the kid do everything. Cooking! Cleaning! Laundry! An apprentice is not a maid!
Babbage: That's rude, that's incredibly rude. I don't MAKE Sorensen do these things, he does them of his own accord. You want to talk about being hard on people, you should talk to Levi here!
Levi: What? Me?
Babbage: That's right. I hear you make your apprentice dig for orbs all the time, but do you ever teach him anything? I feel sorry for that poor Bergen, you're completely heartless and you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Levi: Say whatever you want! Bergen does what he does willingly so that he can observe my magic. If anybody deserves to be called "heartless," it's Wabon here.
Wabon: Wh-What?
Levi: Yes, I heard. About how you forced Dongo to make mining carts, when he really wants to forge weapons. That might've been okay when Dongo was still green, but to keep it up now, even? That's not right.
Wabon: I... Hmph! If I pamper that guy, he starts taking advantage of me. I have to be strict! Besides, all apprentices are supposed to go through these things. Isn't that right?
Babbage: You're right, that's the way it goes.
Levi: True, that's pretty much how it works.
Babbage: Doing chores for the master is part of an apprentice's job.
Levi: And a true apprentice is supposed to observe and pick up on his master's skills without being formally "taught."
Wabon: Well, what do you know? It looks like we're all good, caring masters after all!
Babbage: It would seem so, what in the world were we arguing about, anyway?
Levi: Just goes to show you: At the end of the day, the master is always right. Ha ha ha ha ha!
Wabon: Ha ha ha ha ha!
Babbage: Heh he heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh HEH! *gasp* Heh.

The Virtue of Conviction
Goesch: *sobbing*
*sobbing harder*
Murad: Wh-What's the matter?! Are you hurt?!
Goesch: N-No... *sniffle* I'm fine. In Lordlake, until just recently, the best I could do was wipe my body with a barely-damp cloth. Now here I am, in such a huge bath! *sniffle* I can't help it.
Galleon: I'm sorry...
Goesch: *sniff* Sorry? Why?
Galleon: When my hometown was in trouble, all I did was stay at my post as Queen's Knight. That's the kind of man I am... That must be why she got fed up with me...
Murad: No. She was never "fed up" with you. You had your convictions -- she had hers. That's how I see it.
Galleon: Hmm...
Goesch: Well, whoever "she" is, I think Murad's probably right. Looking back, the people of Lordlake were the exact same way.
About their convictions, I mean. We could've taken the easy way out and run away somewhere, but we all would've rather died than give up Lordlake.
That's what "convictions" are all about, don't you think?
Galleon: Well...
Goesch: So I bet "she" understands about your convictions too.
Galleon: You know, Goesch, I think you might be right...

What Girls Want
Lun: Ahh! Guy! There's a guy in here!
Subala: WHAT'D ya just say?!
Lun: Oh, Subala! Sorry, my mistake. You don't look like a guy! They're not THAT small...
Subala: Say it again! I dare ya!
Ya think yer all special just 'cause yers're just a LITTLE bit bigger'n mine?
What in the world do ya eat that makes 'em all puffy like that?!
Lun: All the same stuff as you.
You've been eatin' at my place for years and years. Sorry it didn't work for you...
Subala: Grrrrr...
Kisara: Hey! Both of you! Knock it off, sit down, and grow up!
Subala: Oh, um...
Lun: S-Sorry, Mum...
Great, now Mum's all mad at me! Thanks a lot...
Subala: ...... Oh, hey! I git it now!
Lun: What?
Subala: Yers got so big 'cause ya drank THAT stuff when you were little!
Lun: You--
You... What the...? In front of my... What are you...? I can't believe you just said that!
Subala: What? I'm serious! That's how it happened!
Kisara: Hmm... You could drink some too, if you like, Subala.
Subala: Whaaat?!
Lun: M-Mum?!
Kisara: Ah, it sure brings back memories. You know, I told him it wasn't for kids, but...
Lun's father said it tasted so good, she had to have some.
Lun: Wait. What?
Kisara: ...But, of course, it was too bitter for her, and she cried and cried until her eyelids got all puffy...
So maybe you're right. Maybe drinking that stuff is exactly what gave Lun those big, round eyes.
Why don't you both drink up? The Admiral's tea's just the thing to soothe frayed nerves.
Subala: ......
Lun: ......
Subala: You were talkin' 'bout eyes?
Lun: You were talkin' about tea?

White as a Ghost
Nikea: Well! What do you know?
Zerase: What is it?
Nikea: Uh, nothing. The thought of you bathing just... never occured to me.
Zerase: Of course I bathe! What do you think I am?
Bernadette: She's got you there.
Nikea: Well...*ahem* Wow, Zerase, your skin is snow-white. I'm so jealous!
Bernadette: Oh, come on, Nikea, yours is white. Here and there.
Nikea: Nah, it just looks that way 'cause the rest of me is tanned so bad.
Now, you, you're bronze all over. It's beautiful. I wish I knew your secret.
Bernadette: No secret. Back in the Island Nations, everybody looks like this.
Nikea: Wow! And you're so smooth!
Bernadette: Nikea! H-Hey!
Nikea: How about you, Zerase? Here, hold still...
Zerase: I'm getting out. If you will excuse me...
Nikea: What? Already?
Bernadette: Stay! Relax! You look so tense...
Zerase: I have wasted enough time here.
Nikea: Hey, wait... Ah, darn it. When am I ever gonna get to talk to her? You know, woman-to-woman? Bah.
Bernadette: Nikea... Did you notice?
Nikea: Huh? Notice what?
Bernadette: Her skin... It was so white...
Nikea: Yeah, does she EVER step out in the sun? I mean... what?
Bernadette:How warm is this water? Why wasn't she flushed -- at ALL?
Nikea: Oh! Um... You... You're not trying to say she's... No, no way! That's... No way!
Bernadette: And remember? She said, "What do you think I am?" "What," not "Who"...
Nikea: Ooh, I'm getting chills...


Bathtime for Everybody
Oboro: Mmm, what a nice bath.
Sagiri: It sure is.
Fuyo: I feel like I'm turning young again!
Oboro: Now, Fuyo. If you get any younger, you're going to need diapers.
Fuyo: Oh, Detective! Stop teasing me!
Oboro: I'm not teasing you. I'm being honest. "Honesty" is my middle name, you know!
Shigure: Hmph. Stupid.
Fuyo: Hey, Shigure. What's the matter? Why are you way over there? Come on over here with us!
Shigure: I'll pass. *grumbles* What a pain...
Fuyo: A pain...? You are such a --
Oboro: Now, now, Fuyo. He's just embarassed about taking a bath with us, that's all.
Fuyo: Oh, is that what it is? Come on, Shigure! Don't be such a child.
Shigure: I'm not! That's the problem! Grown-up men and women don't take baths together -- not if they're normal, anyway.
Sagiri: You don't like it?
Shigure: Huh...?
Sagiri: You don't like taking baths with us?
Shigure: I...uh...Well, it's not like... N-Never mind me. What about you, Sagiri?
Don't you hate taking a bath with an old guy like him?
Fuyo: Heeey! Don't call Detective Oboro old! He's still so young!
Oboro: That's okay, Fuyo. Shigure only said that because he considers me his "old man."
Shigure: I do not! Just shut up!!
Sagiri: Say, Shigure, can you tell...?
Shigure: Tell what?
Sagiri: When I'm really smiling, and when I'm not?
Shigure: Y-Yeah, I guess...
Sagiri: How about right now?
Shigure: Um... Uh...
Oboro: Time's up! Looks like you lose, Shigure!
Fuyo: Now for your punishment. Quit being so stubborn and get over here!
Shigure: *sigh* Whatever.
Sagiri: Hee hee...

Beware of Dragon Horse
Lance: Gruuunk...
Rahal: Don't be so upset, Lance. Roog just really needed to take care of some business. You understand, don't you?
Mohsen: Oh, Rahal. And Lance, too. Excellent!
Lance: Grink?
Rahal: May we help you, Mohsen?
Mohsen: Well, me being an armor vendor, and you being Dragon Cavalry, I thought I'd share a little idea I had with you. See, I'm thinking about having my craftsmen make armor for dragon horses. How's that sound?
Rahal: Armor for dragon horses, you say...? Hmm.. Well, one can't deny that they are rather large, and that does make them targets for archers. Heavy armor would cost mobility, but light armor, just to fend off arrows.... Hmm, fewer casualties...
Mohsen: Thought you'd like the idea! Well, hey, let me measure ol' Lance here, and we'll get started! Pardon me, Lance, ol' boy! This won't take a sec...
Rahal: Mohsen!! Noooo!!
Lance: Griiink!!
Mohsen: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Lance: Grooooonk!!
Mohsen: Oof!!
Rahal: Oh! Oh, dear!
Mohsen: Blub blub blub...
Rahal: I was... just about to say... Lance... doesn't respond well if people touch him when Roog's not around. Are you alright?
Lance: *snorts*

The Hissy Fit Fight
Byakuren: Sssss...
Flail: Gronk...
Byakuren: Ssss?! Sssss!!
Flail: Grink?! Griiink!!
Byakuren: Sssss!! Sssss!! Sssss!!
Flail: Gronk!! Grank!! Griiiiink!!
Byakuren: Sssssssss!!
Flail: Griiiiiiink!!
Miroon: Pardon me, ladies, but please keep it down, won't you?
Byakuren: Ssssss!!
Flail: Grink!!
Miroon: Troublemakers, are you? In that case...
[ Fade to black ]
Byakuren: Sssss...
Flail: Grunk...
Miroon: That's right. This is a respectable establishment, and we bathe in a friendly, sociable manner, understood?
Byakuren: Zzz-fsssh-zzzzz...
Flail: Zzz-grink-zzzzz...
Miroon: What's this? No sleeping here, either! Ah, what's the world coming to?

Leisure Time
Sairoh: *sigh* What a pleasant bath.
Alhazred: Hmm...Like reading the finest tome by the warmest firelight.
Genoh: Pheeeeew... I wonder how many centuries it's been since the last time I took a hot bath...This is so nice...
Sairoh: Ohhh... The temperature is perfect, isn't it?
Alhazred: Gentlemen, we are in paradise.
Genoh: Pheeeew...
[ Scene shifts to outside the bath ]
Sairoh: The water was perfect, Miroon.
Miroon: Well, I made it extra hot for you guys.
Alhazred: Oh, I feel so relaxed, right down to the bone.
Sairoh: Ah, yes. We'll surely come again soon. Oh, Genoh went straight back to the lake, so there's nobody in there now.
Miroon: Okay. Thank you very much.
Volga: Hey! Those old folks are gone now, right? I'm next, then.
Miroon: All righty... ...... I hope he'll be alright...
Volga: Gaaaaaaaghhh!! That's hot!!
Miroon: Uh-oh... I thought that was going to happen...

One Tall, Two Small
Eresh/Lelei/Shun Min
Shun Min: Oh, wow, this place is huge!
Lelei: Ahhhhh...
Eresh: ...... Blub blub blub blub...
Shun Min: Um, Eresh...?
Lelei: Hey... Hey, Eresh? Are you okay? Hey! Hold on!
Eresh: *gaaaaaasp* *pant* *pant* Much... *pant* appreciated... *sigh* Once again, Eresh finds herself too short.
Lelei: Hmm... Well, here, tell you what... Come sit on my lap!
Eresh: Oh, Eresh wouldn't want to impose...
Lelei: No, it's all right! Come here!
Eresh: You're most kind indeed. Ah yes, much better. Many thanks, Lelei.
Lelei: No problem.
Shun Min: *grumble* Stupid smart kid...*grumble* "Oh, I'm so smart, but I can't figure out how to swim!" *grumble*
Shun Min: ..... Blub blub blub blub...
Lelei: Shun Min?!
Shun Min: Blub blub BLUB blub blub...!
Lelei: H-Hey! Stop that! That's not funny!!
Shun Min: Aww, but...
Lelei: "But" nothing! You really scared me! What were you thinking?
Eresh: Were Eresh to guess, Eresh would say that she envies Eresh's place on your lap. Is that right, Shun Min?
Lelei: Oh...! Is that what that was all about?
Shun Min: Um... Well, um... Can I... sit on your lap too?
Lelei: Uh...well...sure, I guess...
Shun Min: Really?! Whoopee!! Wow, you've got long legs, Lelei! This's okay, right? With both of us?
Eresh: Isn't this nice?
Shun Min: It sure is!!
Lelei: Well, as long as everybody's happy... Ah, it's good to be tall sometimes.
Shun Min: Huh?
Lelei: Nothing... Never mind.