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The locations and prices of all available antiques.
Antiques must be identified by an appraiser before they are of any value. Antiques can be sold for an extra amount of potch or they can be placed in various locations within your Castle. Bastan will sell you any non-unique items in his shop after you've obtained one.

Potch: Lists the value of the item which equates to the purchase price. Some items can't be bought.
Loot: Means that the item is a random drop from the enemy.


Daybreak100000Prince's RoomLoot: Rock Golem
Dusk90000Prince's RoomBoss: Ancient Creeper
Loot: Rock Golem
Ruins70000Prince's RoomArea Boss: Wyvern
Loot: Rock Golem
Queen's Knights50000Prince's RoomLoot: Armes Soldier, Imperial Guard, Rock Golem
Cavalry Soldiers40000Prince's RoomLoot: Assassin (Dragon Horse Lair), Rock Golem
The Sacred Games20000Prince's RoomBoss: Faylen
Loot: Godwin Soldier (Doraat), Rock Golem
The Smile1000Prince's RoomLoot: Bandit, Rock Golem
Graffiti20Prince's RoomLoot: Mechanical Soldier, Mechanical Archer, Rock Golem


Pine Bonsai40000PedestalLoot: Ghost Holly
Bamboo Bonsai28000PedestalLoot: Big Creeper, Papa Holly
Plum Bonsai18000PedestalLoot: Wizard Tree
Cherry Bonsai6000PedestalLoot: Purple Creeper
Potted Plant100PedestalLoot: Creeper, Holly Elf


Dragon God Statue800000Outside Prince's RoomArea Boss: Nemesis
Goddess Statue500000Outside Prince's RoomWin: Checkers: hard mode
Queen Statue200000Outside Prince's RoomWin: Conqueror: hard mode
Knight Statue160000Outside Prince's RoomWin: Entrapment: hard mode
Angel Statue120000PedestalLoot: Rock Golem
Demon Statue60000PedestalLoot: Rock Golem, Terror Armor
Peeing Boy20000PedestalArea Boss: Terrible Armor
Loot: Rock Golem
Cursed Statue50PedestalLoot: Ghost Statue, Rock Golem


Porcelain Pot180000Prince's RoomWin: Fishing, random catch
Gentian Pot140000Prince's RoomWin: Fishing, random catch
Gold Pot100000Prince's RoomLoot: Big Creeper
Win: Fishing, random catch
Celadon Pot40000Prince's RoomWin: Fishing, random catch
Karaya Urn16000Prince's RoomLoot: Purple Creeper
Win: Fishing, random catch
Rose Pot1000Prince's RoomWin: Fishing, random catch
Pot of Failure30Prince's RoomLoot: Creeper
Win: Fishing, random catch