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A list of each status effect, including their causes and cures.
Caused by...
Szechuan Goyza (30%)
Blackened Sole (30%)
Cajun Shrimp (30%)
Anchovy Pizza (30%)
Tinto Speciality (60%)

Bright Shield: Battle Oath
Fury Rune
Violence Rune

Enemy Attack
Protected character's death

Positive Status. Random number of turns.
Attack is raised by 50%.

Berserk caused by Violence Rune raises attack by 400% and lasts until the end of the following turn.

Berserk caused when a protected character is KOed raises attack by 100%.

Caused by...
Red Pepper Ice (30%)
Kobold Pie (30%)
Spicy Pizza (30%)
Kobold Burger (60%)
Kobold Course (60%)
Salt House (60%)
Positive Status. 3 turns.
Attack strength doubles. Once Boost is finished, the user takes half the damage inflicted during Boost.
Caused by...
Pudding (30%)
Black Cake (30%)
Salmon Meunire (30%)
Elf Course (30%)
Sweet Syrup (30%)
Sugar Cured Meat (60%)

Alert Rune

Positive Status. No time limit.
Magic damage raised 50% and chance of backfire increased.
Caused by...
Fried Ice Cream (30%)
Cream Cutlets (60%)
Creamy Curry (60%)
Positive Status. No time limit.
Become invincible to opponents, but cannot move or act.
Caused by...
Dark Chowder (30%)
Salted Fish (30%)
Nanami Cake (30%)
Nanami Ice (60%)
Positive Status. No time limit.
Movements are chosen at random. Magic Points do not decrease.
Caused by...
Silver Necklace
Star Earrings
Sun Badge
Master Robe
Silver Armor
Silver Hat
Silver Shield
Positive Status. No time limit.
Regenerate HP at the end of every turn in battle.
Caused by...
Fried Tacos (30%)
Soy Ice (30%)
Tai-Chili Style (30%)
Matilda Course (30%)
Spicy Sashimi (30%)

Bath House

Positive Status. Undetermined.
Regenerate HP for an undetermined amount of time.
Cured by...
Fried Fish Balls
Sweet&Sour Fish
Crab Cakes
Greasy Fish

Protected against...
Pointed Hat
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
A balloon is attached to the character's head. Three balloons will remove the character from battle.
Removed from battle
Cured by...
Cannot be cured.

Protected against...
Cannot be prevented once enemy succeeds in attack.
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
Character is flown off the screen and can no longer participate in the battle.
Cured by...
Fish Fry
Fish Donuts
Deep-Fried Fish
Tatsuta Age
French Fries
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
Accuracy is reduced by 50%.
Cured by...
French Toast
Steak Sandwich
Veggie Sandwich
Spicy Sandwich

Caused by...
Weird Sunomono
Mayo Rice Omelet
Gourmet Ramen
Sweet Steak

Protected against...
Mole Helmet
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
Cannot participate in Unite attacks.
Caused by...
Enemy's critical hit
Many unite attacks

Cured by...
Pineapple Rice
Egg Poridge
Backed Mochi
Cream Quiche
Negative Status. 1 Turn in Battle.
Cannot attack or use magic. Using items is allowed, however.
Cured by...
Defeat the monster
which caused paralysis
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
Cannot take any action in battle.
Cured by...
Tomato Soup
Tomato Juice
Raw Tomato
Tomato Salad
Red Hot Tomatoes
Pasta Parmesan
Downtown Pasta
Pasta Salad
Salty Ramen
Negative Status. Undefined time limit.
Lose HP with each turn in battle and with every step on the map.
Cured by...
Sour Shrimp
Nonpei Sunomono
Gourmet Sunomono
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
Weapon level drops.
Cured by...
Kiddie Pasta (60%)
Negative Status. 1 Round in Battle.
Attack strength reduced by 50%.
Cured by...
Spinach Cake
Spinach Saute
Spinach Salad
Spicy Stir Fry
Chinese Noodles
Candy House

Caused by...
Salty Gratin
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
Unable to cast spells.
Cured by...
Fruit Gyoza
Steamed Gyoza
Fried Gyoza
Deep-Fried Gyoza
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
Unable to take any action in battle. If physically attacked, damage taken is doubled. Character wakes up after taking damage.
Cured by...
Buttered Clams
Clam Pudding
Grilled Scallops
Steamed Abalone
Clam Mayonnaise
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
All enemies will attack the victim.
Cured by...
Heal HP
Negative Status. Undefined time limit.
The character kneels on the ground during combat. No adverse effects.
Cured by...
Ship Combo
Mellow Stew
Flaming Sea

Flowing: Mother Ocean
Resurrection: Yell
Thor (Unite Magic)
Water Dragon (Unite Magic)

Prevented by...
Sacrificial Jizo
Negative Status. 1 Battle.
Character's HP is reduced to 0 by taking enough damage or from Instant Death. Cannot take any action in battle. After battle, the character is revived with 1HP.