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A full list with all pieces of armor, along with their corresponding classes and sources.
The list is divided into four sections: Head gear, Body gear, Shields and Accessories.

Potch: Lists the value of the item which equates to the purchase price. The selling price is always 1/2 the value.
Wear: The item can be worn by the listet armor classes. Consult the list further below for a detailed key.
GD: The combination(s) for Guardian Deity rewards by the order Head, Body, Legs and Tail.
D = Dragon Plan, R = Rabbit Plan, T = Turtle Plan, U = Unicorn Plan

More items come initially equipped on several characters.

Head gear

Shop: Ryube, Muse
Leather Hat100C E2DDRDShop: Ryube, Muse
Feathered Hat500C3SPD +3
Resist Wind
DTRDShop: Toto (rare), Muse
Treasure: North Swallow Pass
Pointed Hat1200C5Prevents "Balloon"DRUR
Shop: Muse, South Window, Tinto
Loot: Wild Boar
Circuret3500C E7DRDD
Shop: Muse (rare), South Window, Two River Kobold
Treasure: Muse North Forest
Loot: Commander (Muse)
Half Helmet7800C E10DTTD
Shop: Two River Kobold, Rockaxe, Gregminster, Tinto
Treasure: Cave of the Wind
Loot: Zombie (North Window)
Mole Helmet8500C E12Prevents "Unfriendly"Win: Whack-A-Mole (Beginner, Ultimate)
Head Gear12000C14Shop: Lakewest (rare), Rockaxe, Gregminster
Treasure: Two River Sewers
Loot: Highlands (sword, Greenhill)
Silver Hat24000C19Auto-heal 5 HP
Resist Dark
Shop: Two River Kobold (rare), Tinto
Treasure: Greenhill Forest
Full Helmet18200E20DRRD
Shop: Rockaxe (liberated)
Treasure: Banner Pass, Tinto Mines
Loot: Commander (Greenhill), Black Tiger, Colossus
Wind Hat35000C24SPD +7
Resist Wind
DTUDShop: Tinto (rare)
Treasure: Tinto Mines
Loot: Griffin
Flame Helmet42000E30STR +4
Resist Fire
DDUDTreasure: Rockaxe Castle
Loot: Commander (L'Renouille)
Horned Helmet65000E35Shop: Sajah (rare)

Body gear

Robe100L V R1Shop: Ryube
Tunic200L V2Shop: Ryube, Muse, Coronet (rare), South Window (rare), Tinto (rare)
Leather Coat700L H V4Shop: Muse, Two River Kobold (rare)
Brass Armor1000L H6Shop: Ryube (rare), Muse, South Window, Rockaxe (rare)
Treasure: North Swallow Pass
Loot: Highlands (spear, Mercenary Fort), Armadillon
Guard Robe1700L V R7Shop: Muse (rare), South Window
Loot: Nightmare
Karate Uniform3000L V10TECH +5Shop: Ryube (rare), Coronet (rare), South Window, Two River Kobold
Win: Rope Climbing (TDF League, 1st place)
Leather Armor5900L H14Shop: South Window, Two River Kobold
Loot: Mega Watt
Chain Mail6500L16Shop: Two River Kobold, Forest Village, Tinto
Treasure: Sindar Ruins, North Window
Loot: Highlands (spear, Two River)
Ninja Suit88000L V17SPD +15TUTDLoot: Ten Ten
Win: Rope Climbing (Hero League, 1st place & Castle League, 2nd place)
Half Plate12000H19TTRDShop: South WIndow (rare), Forest Village, Rockaxe, Tinto
Magic Robe20000L V R22TTUDShop: Radat (rare), Gregminster
Thunder God Garb23000V25Hit +10%
Resist Lightning
TUDDShop: Rockaxe (rare)
Scale Mail22000L28TDRDShop: Forest Village (rare), Rockaxe, Gregminster, Tinto
Loot: Highlands (spear, Greenhill)
Mole Suit25000L H V R29Resist Earth
Prevents "Target"
Treasure: Radat Item Shop
Win: Whack-A-Mole (Normal, Ultimate)
Dragon Armor23000L H30TDDT
Shop: Gregminster, Tinto
Treasure: Greenhill West Forest
Master Robe24000V R33Auto-heal 10 HP
*Bug: Also prevents negative statuses.
**Bug: Also adds Repel Magic +10%.
TTDDTreasure: Tinto Mountain Pass
Loot: M-Knight
Full Plate26000H36TRUDShop: Banner (rare), Tinto
Loot: Highlands (spear, Muse)
Taikyoku Wear28000V40SPD +10TRTDShop: Tinto (rare)
Win: Rope Climbing (Castle League, 1st place)
Master Garb37000L H45STR +15, TECH +15TDUDTreasure: Tinto Mines
Loot: Neclordia, Bronzem
Robe of Mist54000V R47Repel Magic +10%**
Resist Water
Bug: The Repel Magic bonus affects Master Robe instead.
TRDDShop: Rockaxe (liberated, rare)
Treasure: L'Renouille
Earth Armor37000L H49Resist Earth
Prevents negative status*
Bug: Status protection affects Master Robe instead.
TTTDShop: Muse (liberated, rare)
Treasure: Rockaxe Castle
Dream Robe95000V52Impervious to AttacksTURDTreasure: Greenhill Forest
Silver Armor120000L55Auto-heal 10 HP
Resist Dark
TDDDFind: Muse (armorer, after liberation)
Knight Armor180000H58TUUDShop: Rockaxe (liberated)
Loot: Gorudo
Blood Armor165000L H62Damage 15 HP/turnTRRDLoot: Chimera
Windspun Armor210000H65SPD +15
Resist Wind
TDTDShop: Sajah (rare)


Wooden Shield300S2RRTDShop: Muse, South Window
Loot: Highlands (sword, Muse)
Steel Shield2500S7RRUDShop: Forest Village, Tinto
Loot: Highlands (sword, Muse), Skeleton (sword)
Kite Shield4300S12RDTDShop: South Window (rare), Rockaxe, Tinto
Win: Rope Climbing (Castle League, 2nd place)
Mangosh6500S19Counter-rate x1.5RTDDTreasure: Kobold Forest
Loot: Shadow
Mole Shield8500S22Magic Repel +5%Win: Whack-A-Mole (Hard, Ultimate)
Silver Shield10000S27Auto-heal 5 HP
Resist Dark
RUUDTreasure: Banner Pass
Win: Rope Climbing (Hero League, 1st place)
Chaos Shield17000S34RRRDShop: Tinto
Loot: Killer Dog, Commander (Rockaxe Castle)
Earth Shield32000S36Resist Earth
Prevents negative status
RTTDTreasure: Rockaxe Castle


Wooden Shoes100M F W N1Shop: Toto, Kobold Village
Win: Rope Climbing (TDF League, 3rd place)
Cape400all1Shop: Toto, Kobold Village
Loot: Highlands (spear)
Win: Rope Climbing (Castle League, 3rd place)
Leggings200all2Shop: Ryube, White Deer, Muse (rare), South Window (rare)
Loot: Highlands (spear, Tenzan), Highlands (sword, Tenzan)
Gloves300M F W N2UDRDShop: Kyaro, Kobold Village
Boots800M F K N3RRDD
Shop: Muse, Coronet, South Window
Win: Rope Climbing (Hero League, 3rd place)
Cheek Guards1000all3Shop: Mercenary Fort, Kyaro, South Window (rare)
Loot: Bandit A, Kill Spider
Gauntlet1700M F W N4Shop: Mercenary Fort (rare), Muse, Kuskus, Rockaxe, Tinto
Treasure: Ryube Forest, Sindar Ruins
Loot: Skeleton (spear)
Win: Rope Climbing (TDF League, 2nd place)
Leather Cape1300all5Shop: White Deer, South Window
Treasure: Ryube Forest
Loot: Spider
Shoulder Pads2000all5Shop: Coronet, Highway
Treasure: Sindar Ruins
Loot: Highlands (sword, Muse North Forest), Dark Bunny
Belt of Strength4800all6STR +5Shop: White Deer (rare), South Window
Treasure: Muse North Forest
Loot: Kill Rabbit
Toe Shoes2800M F N9Shop: Greenhill
Treasure: Greenhill Forest
Loot: Holly Elf
Fur Cape3500all9Treasure: Rakutei Mt.
Loot: Highlands (bow, Greenhill)
Silverlet7000M F W N11Shop: Rockaxe (rare), Tinto, Rockaxe (liberated)
Treasure: Banner Pass
Loot: Ran Ran
Win: Rope Climbing (Castle League, 2nd place)
Cape of Darkness6800all12Shop: Crom
Treasure: Tinto Mines
Loot: Grand Holly
Crimson Cape9000all14UDTDShop: Sajah
Treasure: Rockaxe Castle
Winged Boots10200M F N14SPD +10RTUDShop: Kyaro (rare), Gregminster (rare)
Treasure: Greenhill Forest
Iron Boots17000M F N15URTDLoot: Highlands (spear, Greenhill)
Power Gloves16500M F W N16STR +15Treasure: Rockaxe Castle
Loot: Zombie (Tinto Mines)
Goldlet19000M F W N18URUR
Treasure: L'Renouille
Win: Rope Climbing (Castle League, 1st place)
Necklace1600K W7Shop: Kobold Village
Treasure: North Window, Kobold Forest (x4)
Heavy Necklace5700K W11Shop: Kobold Village (rare), Banner
Loot: Papa Holly
Silver Necklace20000K W17Auto-heal 1 HPTreasure: Tinto Mines
Loot: Zombie (Tinto)
Gold Necklace32000K W21MDEF +5Treasure: Rockaxe Castle
Rose Brooch14000N13UTUD
Shop: Banner (rare)
Wing Ornament8000W19SPD +12UDDDShop: Two River Winger (rare), Crom
Treasure: Banner Pass
Fire Emblem3300M W N7STR +15
Resist Fire
RDUDShop: Highway
Treasure: Two River Sewers
Loot: Mirage
Gold Emblem8500M W N10MDEF +10URRDShop: Kobold Village (rare)
Blue Ribbon6600F N6Prevents "Target"Treasure: North Window
Star Earrings12000F N8Auto-heal 5 HPURUDShop: Sajah (epilogue only, rare)
Treasure: Tinto Mines
Power Ring14000all8STR +20UURD
Shop: Sajah (epilogue only, rare)
Find: Tinto (in front of the blacksmith)
Magic Ring13000all7MAG +15RURDShop: Crom (rare)
Treasure: Banner Pass
Skill Ring11500all9TECH +20Shop: Tinto (rare)
Treasure: Rakutei Mt.
Guard Ring8500all7MDEF +10URDDShop: Two River Human (rare), Rockaxe, Gregminster, Tinto
Treasure: Kobold Forest, Greenhill West Forest
Loot: Land Shark, Kookaburra
Speed Ring16000all10SPD +15RTRDShop: Radat (rare)
Lucky Ring13000Y12LUCK +20RDRD
Loot: Chimera
Sun Badge3700Y4Auto-heal 2 HPRUDDShop: Muse (rare)
Treasure: Cave of the Wind
Win: Rope Climbing (TDF League, 1st place)
Fish Badge4300Y6Repel Magic +3%RUTDShop: Lakewest
Treasure: Cave of the Wind
Loot: Sorcerer
Water Amulet3800all6Repel Magic +5%
Resist Water
Loot: Siren
Thunder Amulet7500all9Hit +15%
Resist Lightning
Shop: Highway (rare), Gregminster
Treasure: Rakutei Mt.
Loot: Zombie Slug
Wind Amulet13000all12SPD +10
Resist Wind
Treasure: L'Renouille
Loot: Hippogriff, Magus (Tenzan)
Sunglasses1500all0Avoids damage from
Gleaming ATK
Win: Rope Climbing (Castle League, 3rd place)
Lubricating Oil-all0If Meg equips,
Gadget's ATK x1.5
Win: Rope Climbing (Hero League, 2nd place)
Cup of Promise-all0Manly Attack UP,
Bandits Attack UP
Win: Rope Climbing (TDF League, 1st place)
Dog Whistle-all0Kobold Attack UPWin: Rope Climbing (Castle League, 1st place)
Invincible Smile-all0Fancy Lad Attack UPWin: Rope Climbing (Hero League, 1st place)
Leisure Set-all0Family Attack UPWin: Rope Climbing (Hero League, 1st place)
Millet Dumplings-all0Beastmaster Attack UPWin: Rope Climbing (Castle League, 1st place)
Rose Bouquet-all0Narcissus Attack UPWin: Rope Climbing (TDF League, 1st place)
Secret Writings-all0Ninja Attack UPWin: Rope Climbing (Hero League, 1st place)
Sexy Wink5000all0Beauty Attack UPWin: Rope Climbing (Castle League, 2nd place)

Wearable List
Character equipment classes:

C: Cap E: Helmet
L: Light Armor H: Heavy Armor V: Vest R: Robe
S: Shield
M: Male F: Female K: Kobold W: Winger N: Nobility Y: Youth

AmadaC V MHoiC L MRikimaruE L M
AnitaC L S FHumphreyE H MRinaC V F
AydaC V F YJowyC L MRiouC L M Y
BadeauxE H MKahnE L MSasukeC V M Y
BobC V MKarenC V FSheenaC L S M
BolganE L M YKasumiC V FShiloC V M
CamusE L S MKilleyC L MShinC L M
ChacoC V WKinnisonC L MSidC V W
CliveC L MKoyuC L M YSierraC V F
EilieC V F YL.C.ChanC V MSimoneC L N
FlikC L S MLo WenE L FStallionC L M
Freed YE L S MLorelaiE L FTai HoC V M
FutchE L S M YLucC R M YTengaarC R F
GabotchaC L K YMazusC R MTomoC V F Y
GantetsuC V MMcDohlC L MTsaiC V M
GengenE L S K YMegC V F YTutaC R M Y
GenshuC V MMiklotovE H MValeriaC L S F
GeorgC L MMilieC V F YVikiC R F
GijimuE H MMondoC V MViktorC L M
Hai YoC L MNanamiC V FVincentC L S N
HannaE L S FNinaC V F YWakabaC V F
HauserE L MOulanE L FYoshinoC V F
HixC L S MPesmergaE H S MZamzaC R M

Abizboah, Chuchara, Feather, Gadget, Makumaku, Mekumeku, Mikumiku, Mokumoku, Mukumuku, Rulodia and Sigfried can't equip any piece of armor.

Note: Sheena has one Star Earring permanently equipped, but he can't wear another.