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Child of the Circle Temple

GASP! Something done on paper! I was at a loss as to what to draw, and of course my immediate thought would always be 'Oh, I'll draw Sasarai!' since my addiction isn't your everyday need for caffiene (you all know who you are =_=;; ). So, great. Drawing Sasa is all well and good, and don't get me wrong, he looks simply smashing in that uniform of his, but MAN, after a while, drawing that thing is irritating, and I felt like being CREATIVE (despite what the background of this piece looks like), so I tried to make up something distinctly Harmonian in design, but different. Since I'd been looking at some heian clothing while sketching, we can see where that influenced some of this.

Truth be told, I wanted to do a bit more with it, like put a magic circle around him, with all the designs and such like you see in the game, but.. That's a little too complicated for me to deal with, especially in real media as opposed to photoshop or painter.

So, there you go. A Bishop in the grass. Really, I wanted it to be like he was in some well kept garden in the Circle Temple, but.. we can pretend.

Media: Prismacolor Pencils, Prismacolor Markers on vellum.

- ShadraD