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Star: Chikaku

Origin: Nay Island - Kobold Settlement

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Thief / Merchant

Born: IS 290

Death: N/A

Champo, a shiny object-loving Nay-Kobold, grew up idolizing Chiepoo, the former resident who ran away to start his own business. However, instead of following in his footsteps, he fell into pickpocketing and petty crime with his friend Nalkul- although Nalkul was certainly in charge of the operation.

They ran into trouble when they stole the Golden Seal (the symbol of leadership of the Kingdom of Obel) from Lazlo, who was on a trip to the island. This crime was of greater importance than they were willing to follow through with, but before they could give it back, Champo mishandled it, and it fell into a nearby building through the window. The mouse-infested building required Champo's mouse-catching expertise to navigate, and he was able to retrieve the Seal.

Champo and Nalkul try and repay their debt by joining Lazlo and his army, and they board the ship, where they get to learn from the legendary Chiepoo.

After the war, now inspired, Champo and Nalkul, along with another Nay-Kobold, Noah, open a business back on Nay Island. It doesn't start out very well, but they eventually are able to trade inbetween the Island Nations and Kooluk, through the Kooluk port town of Merseto. However, rival merchants based in Merseto, jealous of their trade route, send bandits after them while in port. They are saved by Kyril and his entourage, who happen to be passing through Merseto at the time. They now seek the protection of Kyril's party, and venture through Kooluk with them until their trade routes are safe. - KoRnholio