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Star: Chiretsu

Origin: Beaver Lodge

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Bath Attendant

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

The second eldest beaver sibling of five, Miroon enjoys baths and hot springs, and works as the attendant of one in Yashuna Village. Many people enjoy her hot spring, even children, who want to play with her while they soak.

However, when the cave dwarves accidentally tunnel and block the source of the hot water, Miroon regrettfully has to shut down her spring. The Prince comes along, bringing along Muroon, and those two beavers quickly deduce what happened. The dwarves apologize and say they'll fix their mistake, but it would take time, at least one full moon cycle. So, Muroon offers to construct a hot spring at the Prince's castle, to which she accepts.

Very few humans can understand Miroon's facial expressions, only Muroon has shown to read them perfectly.

Despite her kindly nature, Miroon does not take too kindly to people making a ruckus in the bath. When Flail and Byakuren were competing at one time, Miroon shut them up quickly.

After the war, Miroon returns to Yashuna. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)