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Star: Chisatsu

Origin: Unknown

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Thief

Born: IS 420

Death: N/A

A thief with an unusual MO, Raven steals family trees from the nobility. What helps him accomplish this task is a unique Rune of his called the Raven Rune, that makes him completely invisible in low-light conditions. Raven is acquainted with Oboro and his detectives, as Oboro was hired to catch him.

In the end, Oboro did manage to catch Raven, but when the client refused to pay what he promised, Oboro did not mention the detail about Raven's rune, and he escaped. Despite this, Raven gets back into larceny and steals family trees again, recently robbing Solis Raulbel of his family tree. When Lord Raulbel informs the Prince, the Prince goes to Oboro, who reveals that "Crow" is up to his old tricks. To catch him, the Prince and Oboro set a trap. First, they obtain a family tree from Egbert, store it with Chuck, and wait for Raven to strike. They catch him in the storeroom. Raven is impressed that the Prince managed to catch him, and says he'll join the Prince's army if Oboro begs. Oboro begs nonchalantly, and it angers Raven, but he joins anyway.

Raven has several nicknames among Oboro's agency: Other then "Crow", which Raven can't stand, Raven is known as a "phantom thief," and "Midnight Raven." Raven is still extremely angry at Oboro for catching him, but after the war, he changes. When Oboro leaves, he swears he will not steal until Oboro gets back. He joins Fuyo's agency, his rune making him perfect for stakeouts. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)