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Star: Chikou

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

One of the advisors to King Diulf and his close retainer, Servillah is known to be one of the fastest in all of the Furious Roar, as well as being exceptionally talented in stealth. Servillah was a compatriot of Cougar, but not being a Starbearer herself, did not join him in the failed battle against the One King. She returned to her normal life until the Hero appeared. Although she did like the Hero, she sided with Diulf when the King refused to join the Hero’s company. After the Order attacked Cragbark, Servillah started to feel as though she was forgetting some important things. She joined the Hero’s army once it was revealed that she was a Starbearer.

Servillah grew up next to Eusmil, and the two had been competitive ever since they were young. Servillah does not attempt to hide her dislike of Eusmil and enjoys the idea of competing with her.

Servillah scouts out Pharamond and brings Guntram back to the Hero’s Castle. She was considered to go to the Magedom and warn them when the Order’s forces pulled back, but, due to her appearance, they considered that risky.

Servillah serves the Hero and Diulf against the One King. She remains with Diulf after the war, and soon bears his child. - Matt620