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Star: Chiketsu

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A researcher of Chronicles, Mubal is a scholar who assists Rizwan in researching the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia. After the Magedom enters into a formal alliance with the Heroís Company, Mubal is dispatched to the Heroís Company. Although he is not a Starbearer himself, Mubal is sent to observe the power of the marks of the stars so that he may learn more of it, and help refine Janamís Mage Arts system.

Mubal is acquainted with Manaril, and cares deeply for her safety. He is the one responsible for stealing a key to the Arcane Academy, letting the Hero see Manarilís plight. Mubal often finds himself torn between his duty to Rizwan and his concern for Manaril.

Mubal is unable to prevent Dirk from attempting to burn the Chronicles, but it surprised to find them completely unmarred from the ordeal. Soon after the Hero rescues Manaril and leaves the Magedom, she rejoins Mubal. Mubal elects not to return to the Magedom, as the Company has four Chronicles to the Magedomís one. Soon after this, Mubal becomes a Starbearer himself. He is shocked by this revelation, as he had been handling Chronicles every day before this. Manaril explains that one isnít a Starbearer by birth and actions undertaken can make one a Starbearer.

Mubal is a former student of Nuzhat, and brings her to the Company to create a dreambeast portal, believing that the company will benefit extensively from her magical abilities.

Mubal devotes himself to researching the Chronicles with Manaril as the Hero claims more of them. He and Manaril devise the plot to use the False Chronicles to combat the True Chronicle held by the One King, a plan that proves successful, and ends the One King once and for all.

Mubal continues to research Chronicles alongside Manaril and Sophia after the One King is destroyed. He also studies under Nuzhat once more. - Matt620