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Star: Chiziku

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

An inventor, Khemia is fascinated by guns and their creation, and tries to make his own weapon. He discovers that agents from the Belfar Agency in Ritterschild, known for being sharpshooters, joined the Hero’s company, he asks the Hero about it when the Hero stops by Citro Village. Although the gun itself is made from poor-quality materials, Geschutz and Minen both acknowledge that the many innovations in the work could create many new quality weapons. Khemia then joins the Hero’s company.

Khemia innovates gun technology with help from the Belfar Agency agents as well as Gadburg’s forge, and soon after the war ends, journeys to Ritterschild and eastward seeking out new technology. - Matt620