<< Aisha Akaghi Alanis >>

Star: Chikou

Origin: Unknown

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Ninja

Born: IS 285

Death: N/A

Akaghi grew up with Mizuki and Kate in a now-destroyed community of ninjas. He eventually found himself working for the Cray Trading Company, and was often on assigment with Mizuki, under the direct orders of Ramada.

They are sent to assassinate Lazlo, but upon their failure, and realization of Cray's true intentions, are asked by Ramada switch sides and serve Lazlo against Graham Cray.

After the war, Akaghi directly serves a new master along with Mizuki, that being the new King of the Island Nations Federation, Lino en Kuldes. They are sent to help Kyril on his excursion into Kooluk territory.

Akaghi fights with a single Chakram, one of two he received from Ramada - while he told Ramada it was because he found it easier to fight with just one, the truth is he lost the other and feels bad about it. - KoRnholio